Integral Hockey Stick Repair


$65 – shaft breakage (2-piece)
$40 – Partial toe split, cracking
$100 – Same stick partial tow splitting and clean break off
Turnaround is two weeks from time of drop off.


If you find yourself holding your favorite hockey stick in two pieces, Integral Hockey can help.  Full shaft and blade breaks are easily repaired for 80% less than the cost of purchasing another new stick, and comes with a Lifetime Warranty at the repair zone for no additional cost.

Most of these pro stock sticks had a manufactures defect, broke early, and look virtually brand new once repaired. The repaired section of the stick has a Lifetime Warranty, and in most cases, becomes the strongest point on the entire stick.

“We are aware of the Integral Hockey Stick Repair system and believe that it is a very good alternative to maintain the long term use of composite sticks for players in the right environment.”
– Scott Smith – Chief Operating Officer, Hockey Canada






Pricing may change without notice.

We accept broken sticks to trade for (1) skate sharpening pass! Value $25!

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