Glove Relacing Kit with 2.25″ Brass Needle & 8 yards


BAHR 2.25″ Relacing Kit with 8 yards

Great for smaller gear like goal gloves, blocker wrist strapping, hockey player glove side wrist lacing, hockey pants, etc.

A must have in your gear bag!


BAHR Relacing Kits are a must have in your kit! Great for repairs & emergencies.

What is included: 2.25″ Brass Needle with 8 yards of lacing pre-threaded and ready to use.

Perfect for relacing goalie gloves, blocker, hockey pants, chest protector, goalmask dangler, toe bridges, emergency repairs, etc.

>> Click here to see our step by step relacing guide on Imgur

Glove Relacing Kit with 2.25″ Brass Needle & 8 yards

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 2 in

White, Black, Red, Sport Gold, Navy, Royal Blue, Orange, Green, Gray, Retro Brown


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