Fridge Riveter Sharpener Zamboni Magnet Bookmark – SSU Skate Sharpening University Edition



Makes a great bookmark for readin’ between sharpenings!

Product Specs

  • Approximately 2″ X 4″ with red string
  • Slap on anything metal or bookmark your latest reading! Do people still read real books?
  • Magnet will stick to any metal except aluminum – not thick enough to make a shiv in jail so no worries. (BAHR is not liable for any bodily harm potentially caused)
  • Slap this magnet anywhere! See how long it takes ’em to notice! Put on your old metal 2-piece hockey stick, Any Car EXCEPT Saturns, Burning Ice Resurfacer, Hunting Rifle, Skate Riveter, Power Pole, etc.
  • GUARANTEED KISS as a mistletoe! The perfect Icebreaker/conversation starter, YOU ARE WELCOME! Invite Essan to your wedding. (NO REFUNDS, Not actual Guarantee – don’t get mad at me please)
  • Sturdy thick magnet – In case you don’t have AAA, can be used to shimmy door. Do not use to break into other people’s homes!


“Not the hero we want, but the one we need in the dumps.” – PatchEss O’Houlihan 

Good enough for the Great One #PreGameDumpAndChange SOLD SEPARATELY

ALL PROFITS from this product will be donated to MEALS ON WHEELS! 

All profits will go to Meals On Wheels! AMERICA’S SENIORS NEED YOU
Your gift will help us support the local programs that keep seniors safe and living independently nationwide.


If you’re an ESSENTIAL worker, please let ESSAN know! He will send you one FREE!

He’s giving these away to show his appreciation to all medical workers, care home workers, Nurses, EMTs, Police, Fire, Teachers, Military, Postal Workers, Retail grinders, and everyone who risks their lives to serve us! Y’all are our heroes!

Grandma “Queen Victoria” AKA Eggnog approved.


If you’d like to donate, send to [email protected] (paypal) or @Essangalo (Venmo)

47 in stock (can be backordered)


A perfect gift for a great cause! ALL PROFITS will be donated to Meals on Wheels!

Do you miss hockey? Are you shut down?

This pandemic has got us out of sorts, especially with our small business

Use as a drink coaster, Bookmark, Fridge magnet, Tree Ornament, Mistletoe, door shimmy, whatever!

Comes with red string – remove if you’re not using as bookmark!

ESSANta is super spreading holiday cheer this 2020!

Thank you for continuing to support small business.

Fridge Riveter Sharpener Zamboni Magnet Bookmark – SSU Skate Sharpening University Edition

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in


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