Mail-in skate sharpening – LOOSE steel blade runners – pair



Once you go BAHR, you never go back.

Did you know you could easily remove virtually any skate steel from your skates?

Any holder made the last decade can be removed in seconds!

You now have the option to have your loose steel sharpened at your convenience for LESS than the cost of gas & travel!

Bay Area Hockey Repair & Skate Sharpening can sharpen your hockey skates, goalie skates, figure skates & your loose steel.

Want profiling? Fix your screwed up sharpening from the last place you took it too out of convenience?

Need repairs? Parts & accessories? Upgrade products?



Insert in our drop box outside of shop!
During this pandemic, window service is available to local customers. Check hours regularly for updated hours.
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HOW TO MAIL SKATES to Bay Area Hockey Repair & Sharpening:

Step 1: Decide if you want to mail JUST the steel or the entire pair of skates

Step 2: Choose which sharpening, FBV or ROH. Select available edges offered.

Step 3: Choose shipping method. You can provide us your return shipping labels. ALL shipping to BAHR is your responsibility.

Step 4: Ship loose steel to us! For added convenience, why not consider a BAHR Loose Steel Pouch?

Step 5: We receive package, sharpen, mail back to you as fast as SAME day (conditions apply)

The whole process takes between 3-5 days depending on which shipping you choose.

Skate sharpening prices are valid for all skate sizes.

Shipping charge if for return shipping only. You are responsible for packaging and any shipping cost to get it to us.

Mail-in skate sharpening – LOOSE steel blade runners – pair

Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 8 in
Sharpening Edge

FBV 100/1, FBV 100/75, FBV 95/1, FBV 95/75, FBV 100/50 HOUSE CUT, FBV 92/75, FBV 90/1, FBV 92/50, FBV 90/75, FBV 95/50, FBV 85/75, FBV 80/1, FBV 90/50, ROH 5/16", ROH 3/8" (10mm), ROH 7/16", ROH 1/2" (13mm) HOUSE CUT, ROH 9/16", ROH 5/8" (15mm), ROH 11/16", ROH 3/4" (19mm), ROH 7/8" (23mm), ROH 1" (25mm)


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