Prosharp Steel Runner profiling contouring – WHOLE Hockey Skates – pair


Wanna skate better instantaneously? 

Prosharp Profiling for your whole skates (If you don’t want to remove the steel to mail)

It’s simple – we find your balance, choose the proper profile template to MAXIMIZE your skating style and/or goals!

Comes with free FIRST skate sharpening using Blackstone ROH (Radius of Hollow) or  FBV (Flat Bottom V)

Just choose profile, sharpening edge, package your skates & ship to BAHR!

Don’t like the FIRST time? Your SECOND profiling is FREE! We’ll find your forever custom profile to improve your game! Just pay separate shipping.

Score more goals, make more saves, hockey better. Not kidding, seriously.

If you are mailing loose steel, select other mail-in profile product with your BAHR Blade Runner Bags!

Just pay for shipping to us (sold separately).

Your purchase includes return shipping.

Elias Pettersson of Vancouver Canucks among thousands of other pros skate with prosharp profiled steel blades! Click on photo to watch his testimonial!

    NOW with Junior Skates Profiling templates for Zuperior & Quad profiles! Updated 10/2020

    • $

    Please enter the make/model of the skates to be profiled

    Please enter skates or steel size (in mm)


Unlock your TRUE skating potential with Prosharp Profiling with BAHR’s expert service. Here’s a PROSHARP PROFILING VIDEO

Prosharp 2020 updated template list. We have in shop most of these templates! If you do not see what you want, let us know! We are always growing our template inventory


BAHR Master Sharpening & Profiling Template list. Updated 2020


You now have the option to have your hockey player or goalie loose steel runners profiled & sharpened at your convenience for LESS than the cost of gas & travel with who the pros call. BAHR is your on-demand equipment manager.

Did you know you could easily remove virtually every skate steel off your skates? If you prefer NOT TO, use this service.

Bay Area Hockey Repair & Sharpening can profile, blend, level, and sharpen your Hockey Skates, Goalie Skates,  and ANY loose steel (EXCEPT Flare skate blades)

HOW TO MAIL YOUR WHOLE SKATES to Bay Area Hockey Repair & Sharpening:

Step 1: This product is for shipping your pair of WHOLE skates (if the steel cannot be removed). Save weight & shipping cost with removing just your steel. We sharpen 5,000 pairs of skates monthly.

We offer LOOSE STEEL ONLY Profiling & Skate Sharpening. <<<< CLICK HERE

Step 2: Choose your Profile Setup . Click here for more information about Profiling Radius.

Step 3: Choose which sharpening, FBV, ROH  and select available edges offered. We currently do not offer Z-Channel Sharpening.

Step 4: Choose the Shipping method & Checkout. You can provide us your RETURN shipping label but we cannot guarantee that label you send, use with caution. ALL shipping to BAHR is your responsibility. Choosing Priority Mail by USPS includes free $50 insurance.

Step 5: Ship your Skates with your own packaging. Whole skates can take a beating, should be fine without bubble wrap, just keep them snug inside the box. Please consider purchasing our Blade Runner Bags for your extra steel, we have PERFECTED the mail-In Sharpening process with customers as far as Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore sending us their steel just for sharpening!

Step 6: Please Print out purchase receipt, Package Skates, & Mail to: (Please DO NOT Mail to Physical Address) 
BAHR 1535 South 10th Street, San Jose, CA USA 95112

Highly recommended to purchase our Blade Runner Bags! http://bayareahockeyrepair.com/product/bahr-sports-blade-runner-bags-two-pair/

Step 7: When we receive your package, we’ll notify you via email or phone. We get to work to measure, profile, blend, level, sharpen, and mail back within 2-3 days!

Step 8: We will email tracking and shipping confirmation once it has been sent back out!

Step 9: You will skate better, score more, make more saves, wonder why you didn’t do it sooner, and tell everyone.

Step 10: If you ARE NOT satisfied for any reason, send it back (let us know) we will re-profile a second time FREE with a different template. We can have a conversation about making necessary changes. Just pay for round trip shipping.

The process takes between 2-5 days depending on which shipping you choose when we receive package.

Do not choose overnight shipping, it will not change our turnaround requirements.

Profiling prices are for all skate sizes. It comes with FREE Skate sharpening.

Shipping charge for return shipping only. You are responsible for packaging and shipping cost to us.


BYONIC STEEL Exponentially improves your current stock steel and enhances the Prosharp Profile!

Maximize your $50 investment with upgrade steel! Byonic is patented, Canadian small business company



We are the exclusive US Byonic Dealer! Save money & play better with upgrade steel!
Prosharp Steel Runner profiling contouring – WHOLE Hockey Skates – pair

Additional information

Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in


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